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A year of inspiration


2019 was a year of change and challenge for many of us. Throughout the year AmazeRealise was helping people to survive, thrive, invest, improve, expand, launch and lay the foundations for the future. Catch up on some of our top blogs that will hopefully inspire you to achieve more in the months ahead.

Why content still matters

"Content is the mortar between the bricks of your Customer Experience. It can be the difference between moments of frustration and moments of magic. If you ignore what you’re saying and how you’re saying it then that big tech budget could simply be wasted money."
- Sandra McDowell, Director of Communications & Content

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Championing an accessible web

“Designing digital experiences that are fully inclusive requires innovation and a new, better standard for design and builds. A standard that has digital accessibility at its core. We’re committed to delivering this.”
- J Schwan, CEO, Kin + Carta

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Understanding what innovation really means

“Innovation is working with extreme edges of the bell curve to solve human problems.”
- Kevin Mar-Molinero, Creative Tech Director, AmazeRealise

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A sustainable approach to development

"A great developer will take a step back and look to understand the context of the brief to provide a simple, elegant solution which addresses the ‘why’ rather than just the ‘what’ of a given problem."
- Paul Gruffydd, Technical Director, AmazeRealise

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Driving constant improvement

“To achieve sustainability we need to deliver on the promises of Digital Transformation by continually delivering micro-transformations of the products we develop. This gives assurance that these solutions continue to deliver consistent and increasing value from day 1 to day 2,000 and beyond.”
Greg Moss, Head of Service Operations, AmazeRealise

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The advantage of going headless

“The best thing about a headless CMS is that you can truly use your content anywhere. And you can do it easily and with just about any technology. You name the channel and it will be able to deliver. It’s a welcome departure from the prescribed ‘one size fits all’ solutions you find with many CMS/CXM vendors.”
- Martin Paton, Chief Technology Officer, AmazeRealise

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Being honest about your CX

“There’s still a huge and growing gap between customer expectations and the reality of what brands are delivering. And this is at a time when smaller, more agile disruptors are entering the market place.”
- Chris Barnes, Customer Experience Officer, AmazeRealise

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Connecting for success

“Humans are hardwired to connect with one another, whether it’s in our personal lives or the workplace. It can be said that connection is perhaps the most important component in building effective, high performing teams that deliver the best outcome possible.”
- Katie Dolphin, Senior Campaign Delivery Manager, AmazeRealise

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Getting the best from your MarTech budget

“Yes MarTech is a maze. And the abundance of choice means selecting the right tool for the job isn’t easy, even for those of us who work in this space every day. The good news is that you can apply your marketing mind to the problem. Think strategic. Think ahead. And make sure vendors give you the reassurance that they’re the right fit for your organisation and its needs.”
- Martin Paton, Chief Technology Officer, AmazeRealise

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Achieving less with more

“The more that we can refine; the more that we can take away; the more negative friction that we can remove, and positive friction that we can contextualise, the better our experiences. Less equals more. At scale.”
- Richard Neish, Chief of Staff, AmazeRealise

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