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Dangerous Dreaming: Marketing Society's ‘Braver’ conference

13 Dec 2018 · 1 min read

Joanna Hinchliffe, Client Partner at AmazeRealise, works with some of the world’s most prestigious brands to create and build innovative digital solutions that deliver measurable commercial success. Her experience at a recent Marketing Society Conference has made a lasting-impression.

Dangerous Dreaming.

A simple, yet impacting, observation from Caroline Casey, one of an impressive roster of speakers at this year's Marketing Society ‘Braver’ conference.

Alongside almost 400 marketing professionals from the world’s leading brands and agencies, I spent the day being inspired and, although they’d unknowingly signed up for it, speed-mentored by speakers sharing stories of adversity, of a passion to positively influence society and of turning crisis into an opportunity for growth.

And there was one catalyst in the stories of bravery they shared. Simply put, they uncovered their ‘why’.

We all know that to be successful you have to know your purpose and be clear on who you need to be to deliver upon it but what does it take to achieve your ‘why'?

Achieving your why

So what does that mean in practice?

  1. Understand yourself - the good and the bad
  2. Be open about your own vulnerabilities - authenticity inspires
  3. Use adversity as an opportunity for reinvention - revalidate your 'why?'
  4. Embrace failure - build resilience and the courage to keep trying
  5. Accept that those that pioneer change aren’t always popular
  6. Follow your instinct - the rational and logical isn’t always right
  7. Be curious and dare to challenge - always ask ‘why?’
  8. Take learnings from those around you - there isn’t only one way
  9. Ignore labels and titles - focus only the value you bring
  10. Map your own journey - bravery is a personal experience

It was also evident that whatever your passion, and whatever your ‘why’, it only takes a single, small slice of bravery, just one action, to begin a new journey. It is then courage that keeps you going.

Dangerous dreaming

I opened with the phrase ‘Dangerous Dreaming’, Caroline Casey’s impacting observation on bravery.

She noted that we all dream safely with our eyes closed.  

But to be brave, to get things done and to be who we need to be, we need to dream in the day with our eyes wide open.  

I for one am going to try it.

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