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Bringing the Heathrow Bears to life

13 Nov 2018

We had loads of fun playing our part in the latest chapter of the Heathrow Bears’ story.

The story is based around Edward Bair, his wife Doris and their ever expanding family. The teddy bears have proved to be a huge hit with audiences since their first appearance in 2016, to promote Christmas at Heathrow.

We were tasked with bringing the Bairs’ third outing to life digitally. We created a fully integrated communications plan to maximise reach, including a new landing page (personalised with Target), an interactive quiz and social assets designed to help people catch up with the story of the Bairs so far.

Our object was simple: to reach as many people as possible. Catching up with the Bairs has become a Christmas tradition for many people and we were able to use our creative and digital talents to spread the love to a new set of fans. It was a genuine pleasure to work with so many talented people who have come together to create a brilliant campaign.

— Rob Steeles, Executive Creative Director - AmazeRealise

In collaboration with data agency Acxiom, we created Heathrow’s first fully targeted campaign utilising Adobe Target across web and social channels. Research was also carried out around four key segments to inform creative executions, aimed at building expectation, and then sustaining the campaign after launch.

You can see the latest Heathrow Bears story and the landing page here.


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