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Voice of the Client: Ghada Shawki of Interxion

Ghada ShawkiGhada Shawki
07 Aug 2018

At AmazeRealise we are working to put the voice of our clients at the heart of our agency. In order to excel we need to ensure we are listening and learning from our clients. By understanding their world - the opportunities and challenges they face on a daily basis, we can better tailor how we work to ensure our clients get maximum value from every interaction they have with us.

Voice of the client

As part of our Voice of the Client initiative this week the AmazeRealise senior client service team along with our CEO Fiona Proudler sat down with Ghada Shawki - Head of Digital Experience at Interxion, for an incredibly insightful couple of hours.

A thirst for knowledge combined with the ability to help others effectively tell consistent stories across channels has allowed Ghada to succeed. In order to get a better insight on her role we discussed a number of her success principles.

Standout requires bravery

If we all do the same thing no one standouts. In order to change and innovate it is imperative to look beyond your competitive set and seek inspiration out with your category.

Abiding by category norms leads to a herd mentality where no one wins as no one is willing to risk losing. 

What might seem like a safe choice in the boardroom will most likely not succeed in the real world. Marketers that have achieved standout success are able to identify the formulaic rules within their category and subvert them.

Aim to lead, not follow.  

Invest in relationships

When it comes to managing agency client relationships, they like all relationships need to be invested in and consistently worked on.

To form a partnership that will be mutually beneficial requires time, openness and transparent communication. In order to get the best outcomes you need to create an environment which allows thoughtful disagreement, being comfortable challenging ideas and having your own ideas challenged. A willingness to work together is essential because collective decision making reaps better rewards than individual decision making.

For an agency, everyday should feel like day 1 of the relationship. You need to stay hungry, work to add value with every interaction and ensure you are earning the right to sit at the table making and shaping decisions.

Never stop learning

The marketing landscape in the digital age has evolved dramatically over the last few years.

On a day to day basis the role encompasses; Strategy, Planning, Analysis and Execution across a growing number of channels.

It is essential to be open to new ideas and keep learning. Time needs to be allocated for events, networking and structured training along with harnessing the skills and knowledge from within your own organisation and partner agencies.

Knowing your strengths and asking others for support in areas you are weaker is a great skill. This will allow you to push beyond your own individual limits and ensure you are constantly improving.

And a key learning from Ghada and her team methodology is that we should never forget that it’s important to find the joy in what you do and have fun as a team when you’re learning, and of course, ‘changing the world’.

Finding the right balance

In the fast paced 24/7 environment it is very easy to be ‘always on’. Getting the right balance to ensure you are refreshed helps ensure you are focused and operating at your best.

Developing effective internal and external relationships allows you share the workload, take the downtime needed to be refreshed and allow you to focus on the activities where you can excel and deliver maximum value.


We have a rare opportunity to influence an ever changing landscape, it’s a privilege.  So we have a responsibility to ensure what we do has a positive impact.”