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Delivering sustainable success for Lexus

15 Aug 2019 · 3 min read

Discover how the launch of a website is just the start with the story of how we’ve been carrying out extensive optimisation for Lexus.

In 2016, Lexus approached AmazeRealise with a big challenge. They wanted to change brand perception and deliver against ambitious sales targets. The initial focus for us was a new website covering 35 European markets that embodied Lexus’ transition to a global luxury lifestyle brand. It was transformative and immersive and, above all, delivered conversions.

But this was just the start of the journey. Yes, the product delivered was highly effective and delivered the results required. But standing still is the same as going backwards in the digital world. The challenge was to do better. To create sustainable success.

In the past 14 months, the story has been about optimisation. Building on success to deliver improvements that drive online conversions and ultimately sales. Traditionally, the method of working for Lexus was to have a siloed optimisation programme running alongside the BAU projects. We knew we wanted to change this way of working and wanted insights to drive EVERYTHING we did. If it didn't matter to the customer, we were not interested.

Going Koko

To deliver this, a new unique and innovative programme called KOKO was created.

KOKO stands for Kaizen Omotenashi. Kaizen being the Japanese principle of continuous improvement and optimisation, and Omotenashi describing a type of Japanese hospitality meaning to wholeheartedly look after your guests without any vibes of servility. Essentially KOKO is Customer Experience Optimisation. (CXO)

The aim with KOKO is to consistently optimise digital journeys, ensuring the right welcome for every audience across any market. The process is cyclical, hence KOKO.

A rounded view of customer behaviour

We blended both qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure a rounded picture of user behaviour which gave us a good understanding of the ‘voice of the customer’.

Google Analytics insight

We integrated GA360 across all markets, producing user guides and conducting training along the way. We also created a suite of live dashboards through Datorama. This enabled markets to self-serve. These dashboards leveraged a measurement framework linked to KOKO that focused on the effectiveness of key touchpoints – accessing, engaging and conversion propensity as a result.

Monthly diagnostics were produced using rollup property features in GA360 so the Lexus European team can pinpoint issues in the user journey across the 35 markets being optimised. This was enriched with content analytics from Sessioncam and ContentSquare.


We implemented a leading voice of customer tool that included live feedback and NPS monitoring for each key touchpoint through a series of micro feedback polls across the site, considered by Usabilla to be the most advanced and bespoke implementation of their technology to date.

Customer insight is crucial to us, and the partnership between AmazeRealise and Usabilla has enabled us to get a clear picture of what our users are thinking and feeling. The successful integration of the VoC solution across Europe means we are able to make the changes that enhance the customer experience and, ultimately, drive sales.

— Vincent Tabel, Senior Manager, Brand Communications, Lexus Europe

Regular heuristic reviews

Our CX team constantly assesses key website journeys to identify usability issues and ensures we are following best practice across Europe.

Mystery Shopper diary studies

We are working with local markets, recruiting nine participants at a time who are in the market to purchase a car. Lexus are always one of the brands they are considering along with others and we ask that they diarise their entire purchase process – online and offline. This extra layer of qualitative feedback allows us to understand what role the website plays in the purchase process for our visitors.

Driving incremental conversions & improved experience

All these inputs are boiled down to a specific set of hypotheses and are triaged on a constant basis, based on the PIE method of prioritisation, potential, impact and ease. Along with this we also layer on brand impact which for a brand like Lexus is very important. Although conversion is of paramount importance, the brand must not be impacted as a result. The outcome of this phase determines if the improvement should be tested, JDI (just do it) or become an innovation project with budget.

Genuine impact

So far the results have been outstanding. The bottom line is that KOKO has driven:

  • Innovation through a new process that is truly customer centric with data and insight as its backbone
  • 800 extra leads a month for Lexus – a major increase that has a significant impact on the bottom line
  • Improved dealer finder form completion rate by 150% (UK example, as a result of a recent AB tests)
  • A customer satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5 for the test drive and brochure application processes (Usabilla rating by users completing the flow) as a direct result of using customer feedback from the KOKO programme.

Find out more about ‘always on’ optimisation and how it could help you website to enjoy sustainable success by filling in the form below.

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