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Our journey to the future

Emily McNamara, Elliot Inskip
01 Aug 2019 · 2 min read

Elliot Inskip and Emily McNamara had the honour of travelling on the first ever Azuma passenger service. LNER’s new train is a big leap in technology and design and AmazeRealise played their part in getting it on track.


How often do you get serenaded by a brass band playing Uptown Funk when you’re waiting for your morning train? That’s what greeted us as we turned up at King’s Cross on a bright morning for the official launch of Azuma.

We were guests of our client LNER who we’ve been working with for months in order to launch this brand new train.

The company is updating a fleet that’s now around 30 years old. Obviously technology has moved on a lot since then and that's fully reflected in Azuma’s Japanese-influenced design and the services it offers.

Highlights include more seating capacity, more legroom, bang up-to-date wi-fi and toilets that are clean and a pleasure to use. With higher speeds coming into place in the near future, journey times will also be cut.

Waving the flag

It was brilliant to see all of LNER’s hard work come to fruition as we took our first journey to Leeds. LNER staff waved Azuma flags as we set off and there was a real buzz on board as people realised that the future of rail travel is safe in the hands of imaginative operators like LNER.

We picked up lots of branded freebies on the day including bags, posters, mints and lip balms. The exclusive key ring for the first 5,000 passengers will also remain firmly in our possession. We also got to try the new first class menu which includes lots of vegan and veggie options as well as gluten-free. We loved the mimosas and broccoli and blue cheese tart!

The journey zoomed by and, arriving at our destination in Leeds, there was another brass brand waiting for us. It was a fitting end to a journey that promises such a bright future for our client. Thanks for inviting us LNER, and we’ll be booking many more seats in the future!

Taking your seat

We worked on a new and improved seat reservation experience for Azuma. When booking your ticket on, you’ll find the upgraded digital seating plan is cleaner and it’s simpler to pick your seat based on being able to see the direction of travel and facilities in the carriage.

To support the launch we also carried out content updates across over 23 pages, developing a new Azuma menu to highlight the new food options available. On top of this we’ve helped with refreshing the design of the Wifi pages onboard.


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