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How less is more in digital transformation

12 Feb 2019 · 3 min read

Our Chief of Staff Richard Neish takes a look at digital reductionism and how it helped one of our clients boost income and create a better customer journey.

A reductionist, should you have the pleasure of meeting one, analyses and articulates a complex phenomenon in terms of its simple or fundamental constituents:

Brexit – A mistake.

Star Wars – Paternal angst.

Global Recession – 'Mortgage? Sure.'

Small and succinct can be strong and powerful. The shortest sentence in the New Testament is just two words. ‘Jesus wept’.

Two thousand years later and it’s our Product Owners who are doing the weeping as we come to terms with the legacy of ageing platforms, complex workflows and the intimidating scale of today’s opportunity.

Greater access and understanding of data married with an oversupply of APIs and bolt-on services mean that we can simply do more than ever before. With great choice comes great responsibility. It’s an ever-present temptation to the digital drunkard; can of Procurement Pale Ale in one hand, product roadmap in the other … ‘just add another one, what harm can it do?’

Holding groups in all industries are looking for greater alignment and efficiencies from their sub-brands. There’s a switch afoot from ‘my’ site to ‘our’ platform. Good businesses want to spend more time improving the experience and waste less time papering over the cracks.

The more that we can refine; the more that we can take away; the more negative friction that we can remove, and positive friction that we can contextualise, the better our experiences.

Less equals more. At scale.

Backing a winner

The Jockey Club is the largest commercial group in British horse-racing, with 15 of the UK’s largest and most prestigious racecourses in the UK. Supporting the enterprise was a patchwork quilt of 34 legacy websites, each with a unique user and governance experience.

AmazeRealise has refined The Jockey Club’s entire digital ecosystem of 34 sites on to one single Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) platform.

This flavour of reductionism has created a single, consistent and premium customer experience with measurable efficiencies for the parent business (global) and considerable customisation for the individual racecourses (local).

One platform, one flow

Content is richer, locations and events are merchandised and cross-sold more effectively, and the singularity of experience transcends effortlessly to mobile because it was designed for purpose; from the smallest-screens up.

A 12-step ticketing process has been reduced to 5 clicks, increasing conversion, upgrades and basket sizes, reducing drop-off and giving people time back. If you can do something quicker, easier, or more intuitively, our impatient souls tend to warm to it.

There is one platform, one consistent flow of data across the ecosystem. The Jockey Club’s digital team have one way of working, and share learnings and components across locations with ease. The commercial opportunity became considerably larger as the ecosystem became considerably smaller. Incremental revenue is balanced with lower operational overhead.

We wanted to break with category norms and become a highly-regarded experiential brand that appeals to a wide-ranging audience. AmazeRealise’s experience in implementing large-scale digital transformation, and its expertise in multi-site platform projects, is a great help to us on this journey.

— Tom Manners, Group Sales and Marketing Director, The Jockey Club

Making it personal

As Tom mentions, there was precedent. AmazeRealise have previously consolidated 64 sites onto a single Episerver platform for the English Football League. When each and every club puts huge value on its uniqueness, and the fans need to see the tone and culture of their club reflected in its site, deep personalisation is critical. One club will never fit all fans; one platform can fit all clubs. Higher efficiency, higher revenue, higher personalisation. Less inconsistency, less regrettable spend, less fragmented customer journeys.

Take a look for yourself at the new Jockey Club website -

Transformative digital can be as much about what you take away as what you can craft. If you want to do it properly then get in touch below with our experts who can help you deliver more for less.

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