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Giving kids the skills to succeed

Anne Grieve
05 Jul 2019 · 2 min read

Anne Grieve, Associate Creative Director, provides an update on our involvement in the Daydream Believers scheme.

We’ve now come to the end of the Daydreamer Believers pilot we’ve been running with Edinburgh College. This was a 15-week course for secondary school pupils which focused on problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The aim was to give the students an insight into how these skills are being applied in the real world.

For more information about the programme, take a look at the short video below and click here to explore all the resources created. 

Watching this video gives me a real lump in my throat. It’s not often in our industry you get a chance to genuinely make a difference in young people’s lives. Giving back in the form of your time, your expertise and your experience is not just about feeling warm and fuzzy inside; it’s a seriously life-changing business.

One of the most inspirational things has been the drive and leadership of Helena Good, lecturer at Edinburgh College and all-round superstar. She started this whole initiative as a way to bridge the gap between schools, colleges and industry for kids who are being let down by a lack of space on the curriculum for developing creative thinking skills.

Somehow, against the odds she’s brought digital and tech companies around the table. Egos have been left at the door. The question of who might own any of this is irrelevant. The whole goal was to create a bank of resources, lesson plans and supporting materials that could be picked up by teachers across Scotland and used in their classrooms absolutely free of charge.

And Scotland is just the beginning. There has been interest from some big global names who want to take this resource and process and roll it out in an even bigger way. There is a truth in the fact that if you find a problem that everyone acknowledges is a real issue – and it’s a no-brainer that it needs solved – you can rally people around you in droves.

For now, AmazeRealise is committed to continuing to help ensure our resources and lesson plans on everything from storyboarding to copywriting and service design are absolutely top quality. And I hope we’ll be able to run this programme for kids in Edinburgh every year.

We won’t stop believing in the next generation.

Want to know more about the scheme or how critical thinking and creativity are applied to everything we do at AmazeRealise? Get in touch with Anne below or by email

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