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Using science to drive summer sales

26 Jul 2019 · 2 min read

Discover how our recent summer campaign for Co-op Food has been focusing on the moments that matter for customers.

Why do so many digital campaigns miss the opportunity to cut through to audiences? It’s because they don’t get the fundamentals right: delivering the right message in the right place at the right time.

When one of your clients is a huge retail operation like Co-op Food you really need to apply science to your targeting in order to squeeze the most from the budget. This is especially true in the summer when Co-op’s range of food – from picnic treats to BBQ products – need to stand out from fierce competitors. Why should you choose one strawberry over another?

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Trigger moments

This year we’ve been exploring the possibilities of ‘Triggered Ads’ for Co-op. The concept behind it is simple. There are certain events in the summer we can predict: sunny days, Wimbledon and Bank Holidays among others. Our messages are going to be more effective if they are relevant to those moments when people see them. And if we can also add location specific messages to that mix, the impact is multiplied.

Planning for the 12 week campaign started early as we mapped our events and then matched them with 21 suitable Co-op products. For example, high temperatures mean people are more likely to want ice cream. Bank holidays are a time for BBQs. Watching tennis seems to bring out the strawberry lover in all of us. The thought of sipping wine in the garden can make the commute back from work much more pleasant.

There were hundreds of variants in messaging across multiple products, locations and relevant moments. A separate campaign ‘One Co-op’ was running at the same time and a fair amount of our content also had to include references to the local causes supported by Co-op.

Working with Co-op and partner agencies, we had our content ready to go when these events took place. Once triggered it was delivered across multiple channels including social, digital out of home and mobile.

Sunny outcomes

Our approach required a huge amount of customer insight, creative and cross-channel planning and preparing for every different type of scenario – we also had to imagine scenarios where, for example, it was chilly all summer (it can happen in the UK). Assets ranged from still photography to full motion video.

The campaign is coming to an end soon and the results so far look very positive and we’ll build on these learnings for our future campaigns. Being relevant and delivering the right message at the right time in the right place is difficult. But by mixing technology with creativity and human insight it’s perfectly possible.

Here’s to a summer of success.

We’re always trying to push things one step further with every Co-op campaign we do. The triggered ads we’ve helped create for Co-op this summer is another evolution in how we deliver highly effective and focused campaigns that provide our client with big returns on their investment.

— Joelle Dunne, Senior Account Director, AmazeRealise

Digital is always changing and we always need to be looking for better ways of getting our message across. Summer is a critical time for us and with such changeable weather and unpredictable moments, triggered ads with dynamic content allows us to react at scale and deliver a relevant message to each of our customers.

— Caroline Beesley, Head of Digital Marketing, Co-op

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