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Girl Power - Women in Digital

Fiona Proudler
13 Jun 2019 · 1 min read

Our CEO, Fiona Proudler, shares her thoughts after hosting the latest “Women in Digital” dinner.

Dinner table

I tell you what I want, what I really, really want and that’s to say a huge thank you and to celebrate the amazing women I spent last night with at Core by Clare Smyth in Kensington.

Every single time I host one of my now-legendary “Women in Digital” dinners, I am reminded of how brilliantly women are able to bond.

As I said to my guests on email this morning, women sure know how to make Firm Friendships Fast.

It’s a sign of great emotional intelligence that the 10 women who joined me last night were able to hit it off so emphatically, so quickly.

Strong, fierce women every one.

I toasted family at that table. My own. My work family (AmazeRealise). My extended work family (Kin+Carta). The wonderful women in it - in the UK (like Jen Jones at Incite) or across the pond (like Kelly Manthey at Solstice). My newest family members (you know who you are even if you haven’t officially started yet). And the ones I like to call family. Clients. So many of whom have become friends of mine over the years and who I would walk 1000 miles for. Not literally, not after that huge meal.

In the meantime thank you again to this esteemed group for being so open, warm, kind, straightforward, inspiring. Viva Forever, Scottish Spice.

the kitchen
the table

If you’re interested in attending one of Fiona’s Women in Digital dinners just get in touch below.

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