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Giving confidence to millions of women

15 Mar 2019

Bladder weakness is a subject that many women don’t feel able to talk about openly. And with one in three women suffering in silence, TENA Lady approached us to help them find a solution that would make a difference to millions of women.

We helped to give women a voice and a sense of community, so they didn’t feel alone, including practical advice on how to cope with their condition.

Helping as many women as possible, would also keep TENA in its leading position within the market. This job was made easier by the fact TENA is a well-known, long-standing brand due to its high-quality product.

Reaching an audience

TENA give hundreds of thousands of samples to customers online every year. But after delivery, the conversation stops.

The programme we’ve created means the dialogue never ends. And these customers now feel supported, with TENA Lady remaining front of mind. Our purpose was to help women on their lonely and emotional journey, so they felt ready to take on the world and not let their condition hold them back.

We defined customer segments based on where our customer was emotionally on their journey: from those in the early stages experiencing surprise and embarrassment through to the later stage of acceptance, where women are managing their condition and feeling in control.

Engaging lifestyle content

Our activity has seen the launch of a monthly TENA newsletter. This doesn’t just focus on bladder issues, but has wider lifestyle content. We didn’t want to sympathise with people, but give them proactive advice and show how they were able to enjoy life as much as anyone else. We also wanted to be entertaining. Who wants to read something that’s worthy but dull?

We gave the programme vibrancy and an injection of femininity. Photography needed to feel real, with a story behind it. The branding was given a fresh and modern take.

Making a difference

This is the first time anyone in TENA’s market has tried this approach and we’re already seeing strong results, with positive feedback from customers. The average open rate is 50% above the industry benchmark. And the click through rate is a whopping 175% higher.

AmazeRealise really got under the skin of our customers and what they think and feel. They’ve used that insight to refocus our communications, building a deeper customer relationship based on shared values and ambitions. The results speak for themselves and we’re delighted with the level of engagement achieved.

— Ric Roberts, Digital Marketing Manager, TENA UK&I

To find out more about our TENA programme and how we carefully craft engagement campaigns, just get in touch below. 

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