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Making CX count in Manchester

30 May 2019 · 1 min read

In May, our Customer Experience (CX) roadshow arrived in Manchester, providing the city’s audience with inspiration to improve their customer journeys.

Manchester is a city of innovation. The industrial revolution started there. It’s the home of the first computer, a place where the atom was first split. Its people are open to change and the message that CX now matters more than brand or product was embraced by a receptive audience.

Innovation is driven by facing up to reality. Brands that put customers first have been shown to enjoy a 5-10% increase in revenue and up to 25% reduction in costs in just two years. Whilst businesses realise that CX is quickly becoming the main driver of revenue growth, many are still not doing it right.

Our message on the night was simple. Brilliant CX starts with creating the right culture.

Think human

Chris Barnes, our Customer Experience Officer, talked about how becoming a customer first organisation requires five main steps:

  • Align your organisation
  • Identify moments to own
  • Understand what it takes
  • Agree what to measure
  • Start small to get ahead

Chris suggested that effective CX requires bravery, pragmatism and a focus on today and the future. Above all, there is a need to always be thinking about humans.

Chris Barnes, AmazeRealise speaking
Whitepaper on table

Getting closer to the customer

Caroline Beesley, Head of Digital at Co-op, built on this theme with her own experiences. The Co-op has been around for 175 years and has a strategy based around getting closer to the customer – closer to where they are, what they need and what they care about.

Caroline and her team are currently working to transform the online experience, making it more convenient to shop at Co-op. Her advice was to be uncomfortably excited, embrace change, adapt and – most importantly – let the customer decide.

Caroline Beesley, Co-op speaking
Alberta Soranzo, Lloyds Banking Group speaking

Full service

Our final speaker was Alberta Soranzo, Transformation Design Director at Lloyds Banking Group, who inspired our audience with her talk on ‘Unbreaking Service Experiences’. She made the link between a positive workplace environment and great customer experiences. To achieve this she highlighted the importance of understanding the needs of both the users and the business. Alberta recommended studying the entire system, connecting decision making points and points of impact.

Overall it was a thought provoking and highly useful evening that highlighted the importance of culture in creating an effective CX. Building this culture takes innovation and hard work, but it’s vital for success.


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