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Meet Anne Grieve - BIMA 100

Rob Steeles
09 May 2019 · 2 min read

The BIMA 100 is a list of the brightest digital stars in the United Kingdom. It’s overseen by an organisation with the mission to drive innovation and excellence across the digital industry. Basically, it’s a big deal to get on the list and those named have truly excelled in their field. That’s why we’re so excited and honoured to have two of our Creative Team in the BIMA 100 for 2019: Anne Grieve and Alastair Eilbeck.


Anne is an Associate Creative Director responsible for developing creative concepts and copy for our clients. She’s been producing great work for 14 years’ working with brands such as Sainsburys Bank, AXA, Greyhound, Heathrow, Lloyds, National Grid and Not on the High Street. As part of AmazeRealise’s Creative management team Anne helps shape and influence our agency and its output.

Our Executive Creative Director, Rob Steeles caught up with Anne after she received the news. 

Why do you think you made the Top 100?

BIMA is all about helping create a diverse, inclusive tech and digital world. Over the last year I’ve been involved in a few things that really chime with this ambition. This includes the Day Dream Believers programme run by Edinburgh College which aims to introduce 12 -14 year olds to the creative process they would be using in the work environment. We’ve run two pilots with secondary schools in Edinburgh to create a bank of lesson plans and resources for teachers everywhere.

Do women get the same chances in digital as men?

Unfortunately not yet. This year I also won a place on the Special Edition training course that aims to address the fact women are underrepresented at Board level in digital and tech companies in Scotland. The course is a mixture of professional and development training to improve entrepreneurial skills and included the chance to speak to inspiring women leaders in companies such as Google, Amazon and WeTransfer. I’ve made sure to pass on skills and insights to my mainly female creative team and it’s made me more passionate than ever to help their future career progression as well as my own.

What else have you been doing this year?

I also opened up an internship placement for a design student from a diverse background to help support their career ambitions. On top of that I became a digital trustee on the Board of a social innovation charity called People Know How. The charity helps communities identify the projects they need to fulfill potential and support an extremely diverse range of initiatives. I’m supporting them with the execution in print and digital of their 2025 digital strategy.

How did you feel when you found out you’d made the list?

I was completely flabbergasted but also extremely excited and happy. It felt like a really lovely recognition of the work I’ve been doing to try to make changes in our industry.

What does it mean for you being in the BIMA 100?

Hopefully it will raise awareness within AmazeRealise and the wider industry that these type  of initiatives are worth doing. It’s been proved that the more diversity a company has the more profitable and creative it is.

What’s been your favourite moment at AmazeRealise?

It’s probably travelling to Dallas to deliver a tone of voice workshop for our client Greyhound. There was a lot of pressure on the outcome and it felt fantastic to get positive feedback from the client. I then got to eat an amazing steak –  the Texans really know how to do comfort food!

What advice would you give someone starting out on their digital career?

If they’re a woman or someone from an underrepresented group I’d say that unfortunately it can be a really tough industry in which to achieve your ambitions but if you really want it then never, ever give up. You’ll always be better off than if you hadn’t tried or given up at the first hurdle.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully I’ll achieve my own ambition of becoming the first ever female Creative Director at AmazeRealise. The opportunity is definitely there for me.

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