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The audacity of ideas

Rob Steeles
14 May 2019 · 2 min read

Rob Steeles, Executive Creative Director at AmazeRealise, discusses what the creative industry can learn from Tesla’s Elon Musk.

So Elon Musk has done it again.

In a simple stripped-back keynote, the Tesla boss announced that with a few simple additions to the Tesla App, owners will soon be able to turn their day-to-day runabout into an autonomous taxi – generating revenue not just for them, but for Tesla too.

Watch Elon’s announcement below. 

I bet Uber are sweating now.

This is a game-changer. And, in my opinion, an audacious creative idea.

Of course it helps to have lots of funding, and a brain the size of a planet, and a Nostradamus-esque vision for the future. But stripping back the tech, you can see how simple this idea is and that’s its beauty.

Something so simple, it’s almost blindingly obvious. I mean, why wouldn’t you give people who own a Tesla the option to rent it out and make the car drive itself around town earning you money while you’re not using it?

And yes, it drives itself back to your home to recharge itself.

It got me thinking about our creative industry, the work we do, and how we could do with being a little more ‘Elon’ about things.

What he does so well is have a simple vision for something. In Tesla Motor’s case, it was to find an alternative for the diesel-guzzling, fossil fuel-consuming, carbon-emitting combustion engine.

So he builds an electric car.

In our industry of advertising and marketing, that’s a good solution to the brief. It solves the problem. What happens next is where our industry sometimes falls short.

Elon didn’t stop with his electric car campaign once he’d delivered it. He tinkers. He keeps thinking, he reimagines, he thinks about what else he can do with what he’s created and how it can become better, more fun, more useful ...more audacious.

He makes them go further and charge quicker. Makes them ludicrously fast for the hell of it. Then figures out how to make them semi autonomous. Of course, why wouldn’t he send one of them into space for a giggle? Then he engineers them to be fully autonomous. Now he’s making cars that could appreciate in value. Soon, he says, he’ll be manufacturing vehicles with no steering wheel or pedals. What next...what next...what next?

Having an idea is just the start of something. They need to be pushed to become not just brilliant, but audacious. When you think you’ve cracked it, crack it again and again. There is always something else that will make your idea bigger, more meaningful, more lucrative and more desirable.

To ‘be more Elon’ in our industry means:

  • Absolute clarity on the brief and the objective
  • An unwavering belief and support from clients and agency that the idea is great
  • Habitually thinking of ways to improve the idea across media and audiences
  • Investing in research, development and prototyping
  • Always having a ‘We Can…’ mindset
  • Learning from every failure
  • Never giving up



To find out how we can help you 'be more Elon', use the form below to get in touch with Rob and he'll be happy to start you on your journey.

Rob Steeles is the Executive Creative Director of AmazeRealise
Twitter @robsteeles
Instagram @robertsteeles 


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