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Moving FWD together

Jess Hempsall
28 Oct 2019 · 3 min read

Jess Hempsall, Business Development Director at our Chicago office, talks about her recent experiences at Solstice Kin+Carta's FWD digital summit and the BFSI CX Exchange summit in Miami.

The theme for this year’s FWD summit was ‘Breakthrough’. Over 600 high profile executives combined forces to listen, discuss and debate hot topics such as data, modernisation, breaking silos and personalisation.

We started with Kelly Manthy (Solstice CEO) interviewing the Hollywood legend and Oscar winner Brian Grazer, (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind). Brian stated that “Eye contact, is the wifi of human connection” and that he “went out of his way to meet people who he wouldn’t normally meet”. This is how he built his network, and pushed himself daily to connect those people to opportunities. His network grew, his opportunities grew, and soon he was making some of arguably the best films of all time.

Connecting the dots

A session from our very own CX Director Chris Barnes and FS Strategist Jared Johnson challenged us to look at connecting the dots between customer experiences, tools and technologies. As we all know too well, a broken experience can lead to lost customers, lost sales, lost revenue.

Three core values were outlined to tackle business and customer challenges:

  1. It’s a human problem not a business problem, so put the human at the heart of what you do and you’ll solve your challenges quicker and see better returns.
  2. Challenge the regulations – don’t just enforce them! 
  3. Fail early, often and never stop.

Marbue Brown from Chase Bank gave a great session on becoming a ‘Customer Obsessed’ organisation. But what does that mean? Marbue eloquently took us on the Chase journey, challenging the status quo and really pushing the boundaries of understanding the customer.

They are diving deep into the target audience, understanding how they work, eat, play on a daily basis. They’re then using this to build a profile of how a bank should interact, where, on what channel, and how digital can play a part in making their lives easier and free up their time.

During my relocation to the USA last year, I was looking for a bank and it was incredible how many Millenials recommended Chase. Proof they are getting this right!

Culture matters

Throughout the event we heard how creating a culture for success is now a strong focus for many organisations.

It can be simply done. Investing in your team, staff and providing a culture where people can learn, talk, create and grow will enable you as a business to do great things. It doesn’t seem like rocket science, but it is crazy to think how many organisations do not prioritise this.

This type of culture builds curiosity, trust, respect and freedom to change. And remember, without the people there is no business so putting them first matters!

Shared challenges

It was inspiring to be in a room with like-minded people from across the globe. It’s also reassuring to know that we are all experiencing the same challenges one way or another. However, that leads to a huge gap in the experience we are getting from the businesses we choose to do business with.

At Kin + Carta, We connect data to platforms, people to experiences and businesses to value. We take our clients by the hand and lead them into the unknown, we become ‘customer obsessed’ and help our clients to do so too.

Finally, I highly recommend Kin + Carta’s FWD to anyone, so I truly hope to meet you at the event next year!

If you are feeling stressed with bringing your vision or strategy to life, or if your CX is broken and you are struggling to engage your customers, we would love to hear from you.

— Jess Hempsall

Find out how we can help your business move forward or meet up with Jess in Chicago. Contact us on the form below.

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