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It takes two to sell tickets

16 Sep 2019 · 2 min read

Jamie Murray, Group Account Director at AmazeRealise, experienced a week long Sprint with client London North Eastern Railway (LNER) to improve their train ticket buying process. He reflects on what he learned.

At AmazeRealise one of our values is ‘Stronger Together’. This means walking the walk when it comes to working closely with our clients. Let’s face it, combining the knowledge of both the client and the agency is far more powerful than working in silos. The power of this approach is nicely illustrated in our work with LNER.

Making it simple

LNER’s website is a huge revenue channel. Improve that and you make a significant difference to the overall business performance. Together we looked at how customers booked train tickets on the site to see how the process could be simplified and improved.

After analysis of the data & insights in areas of the booking process, we identified three areas which either had low engagement or caused people to exit before completing the booking. These were:

  • Encouraging more people to reserve a seat when they booked their ticket, rather than be left standing 
  • Making the online order summary clearer, removing clutter so customers buy a ticket more easily
  • Simplifying the payment form so customers could progress with confidence

A collaborative approach

Coming up with design solutions for these issues typically takes weeks using the traditional Waterfall process. Instead, we proposed a Sprint which would produce requirements, create designs and user test them in just one working week.

Once again this was all about Stronger Together. We got the key people involved in the project into one room. Then we worked through a structured plan of action to achieve specific objectives for each day. 

This allowed everyone to focus on solving the same issues at the same time, meaning we were able to give real time inputs and feedback without the distraction of emails, meetings and calls - what a difference going offline makes to productivity!

It was a great opportunity to take a step back with AmazeRealise and look at something with fresh eyes from of a variety of people with different angles on the challenges.The process was also a great way to challenge our preconceptions as to why things are the way they are, and come up with concrete ways to do something about it.

— Conor Marron, LNER Digital Retailing Manager

Work that works

From the week’s sprint, we produced and user tested designs for the key areas of the LNER site. It enabled us to create high impact work collaboratively with LNER in a fraction of the time compared with traditional processes. 

What we ended up with was another one of our values: ‘Work that Works’. 

Working directly with clients in short sprint has many benefits. Ideas and opinions can be expressed quickly and collaboratively, pros and cons debated and resolved within the team.

— Jim Pearson, Art Director, AmazeRealise

So what have I learned? Nothing beats working together in the same location. It allowed us to further immerse ourselves into LNER’s mindset and solve problems using our different pools of knowledge to provide a better solution to the customer.

Working in these types of collaborative approaches and breaking down traditional agency/client relationship shows we are Stronger Together.


Want to sprint with Jamie or anyone else at AmazeRealise? Get in touch and let’s get together.

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