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AmazeRealise | 09 Oct 2018
Fiona Proudler in The Drum Digerati

Fiona Proudler, CEO of AmazeRealise, has been named among the great and good of the UK’s digital leadership and has featured in this year’s The Drum Digerati.

In 2017, Proudler was appointed chief executive officer of AmazeRealise, successfully bringing together the two agencies Amaze and Realise. Under her stewardship, AmazeRealise has launched a bold new positioning and is breaking ground in the US.

It is exciting times for Proudler and the agency, part of the newly collective services of the Kin + Carta group (formerly St. Ives Group). Earlier this month AmazeRealise were also named the UK’s No.1 Design and Build agency by Econsultancy.