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Redefining an American icon

Time to change

Greyhound is one of the most recognisable brands in America, transporting millions of passengers annually between 3,800 destinations in North America. Changing consumer habits and the power of digital meant the company was struggling to stay ahead. Poor reviews spoke volumes about the brand’s reputation and customer service. Acquired by the First Group, the new holding company knew they had to change perceptions rapidly and overhaul the business.

Delivering an 11% uplift in transactions and 13% uplift in revenue.

Getting back to basics

We identified three key pillars that had to be understood to develop a strategic framework and deliver an end-to-end, multi-channel customer journey.

  • Starting with the customers, we used existing Greyhound insights and research to understand the pain points from customers. We also conducted primary research, interviewing over 100 Greyhound customers face-to-face, and travelling on over 100 different Greyhound bus routes to experience these pain points first hand.
  • We conducted a large benchmark study into the industry looking at competitors, their product offering and customer service approach.
  • The brand was heavily reliant on its staff to deliver the experience so, working with an employee engagement specialist we gathered insights and feedback from staff across the entire business.

Articulating the message

We embarked on the next phase to translate our insights into brand attributes and personas. This culminated in six key audience personas and the creation of four brand pillars:

  • ‘I am safe’
  • ‘I am true’
  • ‘I am open'
  • 'I am endless’

Creating the customer experience transformation

We created a full transformation journey, mapping out opportunities to delight and surprise customers over a 5-year period. This supported the Greyhound customer experience vision we developed - ‘A Connected Freedom’.

We covered everything from brand values to back-office business functions that would need to change to support the CX transformation journey. This work is continually reviewed to ensure it keeps pace with changes in the industry, in technology, and competitor activity.

Delivering the brand experience

We communicated the new brand messaging in a tool-kit for all employees from visual asset creation to how employees should interact with customers.

Our team worked with Greyhound to roll this out to their employees in a series of face-to-face workshops and conference calls. We also set-up an online brand portal to ensure brand consistency across the country.

Articulating the experience

We developed acquisition and retention messaging digitally for Greyhound as well as creating a new website and App to inspire and engage with the audience and bring to life the new style Greyhound.

The results

Staff satisfaction has improved across the entire business with them feeling like they had more ‘ownership’ and ‘transparency’ of the business and online customer reviews of Greyhound improved dramatically.

In terms of the website there has been:

11% uplift in transactions

13% uplift in revenue

3% improvement in conversion

Our work also picked up a BIMA award for Best Digital Transformation.

The new website delivers an exceptional experience on all devices and, while the numerical results are fantastic, the real reward comes from customer satisfaction. AmazeRealise has consistently delivered across all projects and become a trusted long term partner to Greyhound.

— Todd Koch, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Greyhound

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