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Helping Lloyds staff do more in the community

Inspiring volunteers

Lloyds Bank places a high value on volunteering, which forms part of the group’s Helping Britain Prosper plan. As a long-time client of AmazeRealise, Lloyds approached us with a brief to build a Volunteer Management Service (VMS) system – an online platform where employees can create and subscribe to volunteering activities, log time spent volunteering, and managing their volunteering time and commitments.

In just 6 months, we helped Lloyds achieve a 10% increase in volunteering time being recorded.

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Building a prioritised backlog

We started the project by holding a two-week hackathon with key project stakeholders, user groups and audience types.


The hackathon analysed the existing journey and identified gaps and pain points. Having access to the relevant people over a short period of time enabled us to make efficiencies in immersion, idea generation and scoping.

Following this, we mapped the ‘ultimate’ experience taking into consideration the emotional mindset that volunteers may have, the physical interactions that they will encounter (using a mobile device/laptop/forms) and the communications they need to make with the bank and the charity or other employees.

The result of our work was a prioritised backlog of improvements and initiatives that we then implemented in an agile delivery process. This first phase was focused on improvements to the employee experience looking specifically at ways to increase hours logged, and expanding the commitment to skills based volunteering based on user needs.

With the help of AmazeRealise we’ve increased our skills-based volunteering from 41% to 51% in just a year. The hackathon proved to be a great idea and led to changes that have made a real difference.

— Matthew Norton, Community Programmes Manager, Lloyds Responsible Business

10% increase in volunteering time

280K hours logged in six months

The results

In just six months there was a 10% increase in the recording of volunteering hours. Over 238,000 hours of volunteering have been logged on our system, and Lloyd’s are well on their way to reaching their target for hours logged by 2020. Further to achieving improvements in the number of hours logged, the VMS platform has also helped LBG significantly grow their volunteer numbers.

The next steps

Our team is now looking at the next phase of VMS development which will focus on improving the administrative processes within the system. This will make it easier for Lloyds’ VMS team to match mentors with mentees, and to automate communications with everyone involved with a volunteering activity. We’re also implementing a user feedback survey, enabling us to make on-going improvements to the platform based on user needs. 

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