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Meeting new challenges

The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity. Its old website was out of date and struggling to cope with increasing demands. Great content was often buried, calls to action were inflexible and complicated, and the site was inconsistent in design and messaging. A new website was needed to bring the charity to the forefront of the digital arena and reveal a modernised and refreshed brand.

Delivering a platform that supports the NSPCC’s digital brand roadmap for years to come.

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Fit for purpose

The new website had to deliver content to a diverse range of audiences and perform a wide variety of functions. This included acting as a hub for fundraising, delivering a rich resource library and providing a platform of help and advice to children, parents, organisations and authorities.

Our main objective was to break down the way that information was often siloed. The NSPCC wanted to ensure that those who visited the site could find what they were looking for and get assistance in their search for information.

Inspiring through empathy

Rich, visually engaging content enticed users to ‘support’ or ‘use’ NSPCC. To help build this story we used real people throughout our imagery and positioned the NSPCC as an authority.


Lowering barriers 

We helped facilitate the path to conversion by recognising the potential value of a donor or supporter, throughout their journey and not just on the donor page, encouraging them to do more. We made the process easy whether that was to donate, volunteer or use the NSPCC services.

Every interaction counts

We designed the new site to give better campaign presentation, utility and response. We also made it easy to visualise and mobilise local support and insight, maximising advocacy across the board.

Enhancing visibility 

Enhanced SEO visibility was provided with Google’s quick answers. By combining improved quality, structure and mark-up of our content, along with an overhauled user experience, Google now displays NSPCC content in a coveted ‘quick answer’ position and places the NSPCC as the UK’s leading source of advice on child abuse and neglect.


Ease of use

 The new Episerver CMS has reduced the time editors spend working within the CMS, allowing them to be more effective and focus on more important tasks, such as brilliant content creation.


Inspiring users 

The fully responsive website was designed to put the NSPCC’s users first, and delivers an inspirational and engaging experience on all devices.

The most significant gains in traffic sources have come from social media with 75% more traffic coming to the site. Content is also being shared more widely on social platforms as a result of the more engaging content formats and improved shareability features.

In addition, we have achieved a notable increase in the number of authoritative domains linking to its improved content. Other results include:

80% supporters satisfied with the site

3x more abuses reported across digital channels

188% in users accessing the abuse reporting tool

The site was also recognised at the Brand Republic Awards for ’Not-for-Profit & Public Service’ as well as winning the Episerver Website Award UK and Ireland for best B2C website.

You’ve all been absolutely amazing and I’m so grateful for what you’ve helped us achieve. As well as being incredibly proud of our beautiful new website, I also feel really privileged for having the opportunity to make such a difference to the charity’s future! And this would never have happened without AmazeRealise.

— Helena Raven, Associate Director at the NSPCC, Head of Digital

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